Demo hesap fonbeti

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Admin – Sayfa 19 – Bahis mağazalarının puanları

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107 thoughts on “Demo hesap fonbeti”

  1. Tristan T. Moss

    Ah yes the na na na na na na na part that I know all to well.

  2. Nishi Kumari

    Am I the only one who is listening to this masterpiece in aug 2021??

  3. the Pokemon master

    Wow beautiful song 😍😍 I like this song Selena my friend

  4. Yashi Rastogi

    #AK Who just came here after watching AKs photoshoot video to see the black dress!!! 👗😂✨💛💙🖤

  5. Shakibur Johaan

    Okh so um not a huge fan of Selina but this song is lit no matter what. I have to admit that 🥀❣️


    This song is very meaningful and very meaningful ❤

  7. Neizebabyyy __

    I was 5 years old when this came out n I loveddd this soo much 😩 I wanted to be like her so bad 💕

  8. I love you selena gomez ❤️ your so beautiful ❤️😍 i wish i meet you in person ❤️ love from philippines .

  9. Narjis Fatymah

    2021 is almost on its end, and I cant get over from this masterpiece!
    *Who says youre not perfect* ❤️

  10. I love this song you make a perfect song I listen to it everyday

  11. Najwa Rahmani

    I was 10 years old i lissent this song with my sister when i lesson selena Gomezs old song i mémoires thé days of 2011

  12. Dance with Kirti

    Who just came here after watching ashi dis photoshoot video to see the black dress😂❤️

  13. Mariya Hamid Mariya Hamid

    I was so sad this song is 10 year ago and I am seeing this in 2021 what a bummer and I love it salena I love u

  14. Alisha Khan

    Anyone is watching this song after Ashi khanna recent vlog🤔🤔

  15. Young Orange

    my music is blowing up this year, speaking it into existence 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  16. niharika ningthoukhongjam

    Dont worry you are not the only one who is listening to this masterpiece. ❤

  17. Lean Villaraza

    Very beautiful lyrics.
    Who says youre not presidential?
    Who says youre not worth it??

  18. Holy Moly!!!

    Everytime when i feel like i am useless and get depressed from life😔 i just come here to listen this song🤗

  19. Gregory Buell

    To selena gomez
    You are beautiful sweet caring and loving. You are loved by all keep doing what you are doing we all love you always ✌❤🙂🙏🙋😙

  20. Im 9 years old when this song released still masterpiece for me, the impact of this song ❤️

  21. Keylie Pinzon

    Que hermosa voz tienes Selena gomes y todas tus canciones son hermosas

  22. Life & Study

    Selena : who says you are not perfect ?
    Me looking at my parents* 😐😥

  23. Henk Nanhu

    Lets make it 70K dislikes, so it will not be a demonic number… like what they did to Vanity

  24. i dont know why but everytime selena sang the chorus im having gosebumps owemjiiii im so inlove with this song its so inspiring i love you selenaaaaa.

  25. Deborah Joy Bandiez

    I never thought that one day Ill listen to this song and cry my eyes out.

  26. Princess Maurine Garay

    Im actually 4 years old when this song made,and i only listen to it now (2021)and im 14 years old omg😭😭♥️

  27. Anushka Jaiswal

    Let me know how many of us are listening this inspiring song in sept 2021?!

  28. Eli Castillo

    Yo viniendo a ver tremenda joya después de ver el tremendo plagio de la mia Rubín con su nueva canción

  29. Seung Yoon Lee

    I am just gonna listen to this song and watch Monte Carlo🥲🥲 take me backkk to 2011

  30. James Dylan

    Only OG’s remember this being shown on Disney channel constantly…

  31. I am hearing this song since child and still hear this song when I need confident 😊 love u Selena thank u for this song 😊😊😍😍🇳🇵🇳🇵

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