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122 thoughts on “Site fonbetin tam sürümü”

  1. Sergio Vasquez

    Unpopular opinion: The audience is too uncoordinated to clap

  2. Mango Mochi

    Wtf when they held up the Palestine banners the crowd got so mad like wtf cant they accept others opinions or what

    1. @O B 1 Kanobricks LOL, go wave an LGBT or an Israeli flag in any Muslim country and booing is the nicest reaction you can expect. You would probably be physically harmed instantly.

    2. O B 1 Kanobricks

      The same thing would have happened if the Israeli flag had been raised in an Arab country

  3. William Darmawan

    3:53:28 is the moment youre looking for btw youre welcome

  4. Тофик e Гурбанов

    Ребята согласитесь что мы еле-еле выходит на финал а эти страны как Италия Франция Великобритания Испания Германия Не трудятся

  5. Michael Rushton

    Did one of the hosts say whatever when Christoffer from Finland was doing his intro in Finnish? Wow. Absolutely rude @3:44:41

  6. Guzmancas7

    My Top 7:

    1. Belarus
    2. Switzerland
    3. Norway
    4. Sweden
    5. United Kingdom
    6. Cyprus
    7. Malta

    1. Muhammed Furkan Demirel

      I agree , Belarus is my winner.
      Norway is 2nd.
      Switzerland 3rd.

  7. Alter Xych

    look how hilarious miki is 😂
    2:55:12 the flag flew away and he was like •_•

  8. Justinian the great

    Watching this 2 years later gives me so many memories

  9. Mari Carmen Perez

    *flag parade*
    Almost all representatives: 😃👋🏼🥳❤️
    Hatari: 🕴🏻

  10. Life Path7

    Back to this in August 2021. I see Satan worship everywhere. The demonic plane in the background, with evil eyes and smile…

  11. stanislawa kamilovska

    Понравилась песня Кейти из австралии и та театральная постановка её, но жаль что не набрала больше голосов. и зачем та театральная подтанцовка у мадонны и такие в противогазе танцоры фууууу и видимо власти её подкупили и та постановка подготовлена к началу эпидемии вируса чем ковид19 и что за правители те власти из англии и их надо сажать в тюрьму за то что обрадают народы европ и обманывают людей и тот Кончита вурст бедный он и несчастный мужик и виноваты родители его и они так воспитали что он думает что (он это она).

  12. Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Fun fact: the hosts actually represent the Israeli population quite well. As the in one Arab Israeli and then rest is Jewish Israelis.

  13. Owen Joseph

    16:00 Malta
    19:58 Albania
    24:04 Czech Republic
    32:04 Russia
    52:04 Sweden
    56:00 Slovenia
    1:00:00 Cyprus
    1:03:54 Netherlands
    1:08:02 Greece
    1:16:56 Norway
    1:27:57 Iceland
    1:44:02 France
    1:47:58 Italy
    1:56:08 Switzerland
    2:00:08 Australia
    2:04:13 Spain

  14. מכונת כביסה

    i m the only one that see destiny from 2021 in the back 2:54:52

  15. Silviu Teodorescu


  16. anton knigge

    Here are my personal votes/rankings, iam from the Netherlands

    12 points: Italy – Mahmood – Soldi
    10 points: Slovenia – Zala Kralj & Gasper Santl – Sebi
    8 points: Azerbaijan – Chingiz – Truth
    7 points: Norway – KeiiNO – Spirit in the sky
    6 points: France – Bilal Hassani – Roi
    5 points: United Kingdom – Michael Rice – Bigger than us
    4 points: Sweden – John Lundvik – Too late for love
    3 points: Switzerland – Luca Hänni – She got me
    2 points: Czech Republic – Lake Malawi – Friend of a friend
    1 point : Belarus – Zena – Like it

  17. Walber Borges

    Devo está enganado ., Más a apresentação da Madonna FUTURE foi tipo um aviso da covid 19 .. e no final a palavra Wake up !

  18. Beauties of Pageantry

    Im here because Israel will host the miss universe pageant this December

  19. shabahn jaza

    Johns face when he gets 93 points kills me everytime😂😂

  20. Heri Setiawan

    Anjirr, gw baru nonton Eurovision 2019 dong, dari awal udah nebak Netherland Won karena lagunya enak banget & rame di Tiktok, and yea Netherland are The Winner!!
    Bravo 💙

  21. Canberk Kızılırmak

    birkez daha gördük ki jurinin verdiği puanların hiçbir değeri yok yine yine halkımız seçti birinciyi congratulations netherlands, deserve first place to the end

  22. Losyakov lvan

    Можно я буду отбора Россия 🇷🇺 2022

  23. משה מזרחי

    A real fact: Arcade is the best song in the eurovision history!

    1. @FILIP ATANASKOSKI proud was actually not the best tbh
      It was a nice message but it seemed like the people didnt like the song that much
      But everyone has an other favourite songs, the best song doesnt excist

  24. Panosdentgamesfan

    Thegreatest eurovision song contest in the past decade along with eurovision song contest 2011

  25. 3:44:42 he litterly said whatever he really dared how did no one hear this?

  26. Aydan plays

    its like 2018 all over again
    sweden winning the jury but the televoting has a different plan

  27. Fırat Göknar

    how sweet how sweet he rejoices instead of duncan Im happy too good hearted man

  28. Silviu Teodorescu

    00:00:10 Start
    00:03:24 Flag parade
    00:05:17 Dana International
    00:07:47 Ilanit
    00:09:56 Nadav Guedj
    00:10:28 Hosts
    00:15:10/00:15:51 🇲🇹Malta
    00:19:10/00:19:49 🇦🇱Albania
    00:23:13/00:23:55 🇨🇿Czech Republic
    00:27:09/00:27:52 🇩🇪Germany
    00:31:12/00:31:54 🇷🇺Russia
    00:35:14 Interview #1
    00:36:16/00:37:00 🇩🇰Denmark
    00:40:18/00:41:02 🇸🇲San Marino
    00:44:16/00:44:59 🇲🇰North Macedonia
    00:48:13 Green room #1
    00:51:13/00:51:55 🇸🇪Sweden
    00:55:15/00:55:50 🇸🇮Slovenia
    00:59:08/00:59:50 🇨🇾Cyprus
    01:03:04/01:03:45 🇳🇱The Netherlands
    01:07:10/01:07:53 🇬🇷Greece
    01:11:51/01:12:38 🇮🇱Israel
    01:16:07/01:16:47 🇳🇴Norway
    01:20:09/01:20:51 🇬🇧United Kingdom
    01:24:35 Interview #2
    01:27:07/01:27:48 🇮🇸Iceland
    01:31:02/01:31:40 🇪🇪Estonia
    01:35:03/01:35:45 🇧🇾Belarus
    01:39:10/01:39:50 🇦🇿Azerbaijan
    01:43:14/01:43:53 🇫🇷France
    01:47:09/01:47:48 🇮🇹Italy
    01:51:15/01:51:58 🇷🇸Serbia
    01:55:18/01:55:59 🇨🇭Switzerland
    01:59:21/01:59:59 🇦🇺Australia
    02:03:23/02:04:03 🇪🇸Spain

    02:08:49 Song recap
    02:16:27 Switch song
    02:25:28 Gali Atari
    02:27:52 Song recap
    02:33:15 Interview #3 with Madonna
    02:37:48 BOEE (Come with me) The Idan Raichel Project
    02:42:52 Mentalist
    02:46:15 Nana Banana – Netta Barzilai
    02:50:05 Song recap
    02:54:26 Green room #2
    02:56:25 Madonna
    03:07:26 Gal Gadot
    03:09:25 Jury voting
    03:49:21 Televoting
    03:52:11 Im sorry, zero points.
    04:00:59 Winner
    04:04:34 Winners speech
    04:06:15/04:06:29 Winners performance

    1. Silviu Teodorescu

      Credit goes to Plitz! I edited the comment. (Added timestamps for postcards, flags, changed and added some titles and timestamps)

  29. Miel Hermsen

    1:03:37 sorry duncan but this dance moves are anti climax and by 3:15:35 haha she is right with madonna

  30. sonofhistory

    Albania was the best song. Norway was great as well. Iceland did something different and unique. Slovenia was a soft banger. All these songs didnt do great but at least Norway was picked up by audience votes.

  31. Jamie Mullany


  32. Nanda HerHoust

    Little did he know the Smash Hit that this song turned in 2020.

  33. The Netherlands 2019 492 points Winner
    The Netherlands 2021 0 Points in televoting

  34. когда показывали представительницу Мальты ( 49:07 ) я заметила девушку в качестве группы поддержки в лице певицы представляющей Мальту в этом году) Кто поймет тот поймет)
    все замудрено)


    12 pts Netherlands
    10 pts N. Macedonia
    8 pts France
    7 pts Sweden
    6 pts Russia
    5 pts Italy
    4 pts Czech Rep.
    3 pts Switzerland
    2 pts Azerbaijan
    1 pt Denmark

    Fan from the Philippines

    1. Marcus Tullius Cicero

      I’m from Denmark and I accept your judgement as our song was Eurovision Ass-Kissing on a new level not yet seen.

  36. O B 1 Kanobricks


  37. Nanda HerHoust

    People keep talking about the Netherlands VS Italy, but it was actually a fair play, not Norway that won the tele votes and got 47 points from the Jury. If they were in the top 3 from the jury theyd be the winners.

  38. Messyt Ozil

    Когда подпевает огромный зал, аж муражки по коже идут,заслуженная победа😌

  39. 3:56:56 Did he say only 3 countries left when there are actually 4 countries left?

  40. Silviu Teodorescu

    This is still my favourite Eurovision, and Im writing this after 2021 happened… The only things Id want 2019 to have from 2021 are the postcards and the direct relationship between the contestants and the community. However the 2019 postcards are fitting here much better…

  41. Silviu Teodorescu

    1:09:55 I love the camera angle combined with the beat SO MUCH!!!

  42. Yellowear the trashy enby furry

    3:54:25 iceland want to be edgy, i like that

  43. shnitzel pitzel

    3:54:19 בניי שרמוטות עאלק מראים לי פלסטין איך נתנו להם להיכנס לארץ בכלל

  44. Wtf why the f*ucking flag of is ra el is everywhere.. much money for this

  45. She just say hack ye netherland coming to Amsterdam : nope coming to Rotterdam

  46. Silviu Teodorescu

    The amount of jokes, relatable moments (for example 13:26, 2:16:32, 2:32:47, 2:33:31, 2:36:28 3:05:40) and general production (for example the camera quality) was _better_ than 2021! Though the 2021 postcards are the best ever and forever (seriously, Id want a video like that for myself) and had Nikkitutorials…

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