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55 thoughts on “Ooo bahisçi pub çalışan yorumları”

  1. Fred Kruse

    Emmett did become the first African-American MLB umpire, but it took until 66. 16:30

    1. Rod Crawford

      He knew every answer , except eagle… he was very smart about the Olympics

    2. Rod Crawford

      Groucho ask him why does umpires turn their back to grand stand! Emmett…WAS A DATING CROOK


    For some reason, a video about kittens was related to this video.

  3. Robert Thibodeau

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  4. Experience Preferred ~

    Here is an American Happily Married at 15? Why have Christian politicians reduced our Christian Rights? We are turning our children into whores by denying society the Right to Marry Two for First Love. ~ Here Groucho Marx has Contestants proving Social Color is darker Today than Than.

    What Christian would rather have Gay children than straight happily Married teens?
    The Biblical price of Virgins is Marriage. Yet Christians fight to separate God from Monogamy?
    Mom? Monogomy = Marriage!

    1. John Preiss

      What the hell is this discussion over? Gay children, mom monogamy,.
      R these the secret words?,

  5. wierd grouco aksed for a kiss…..but then again idve done the same thing LOL

  6. Willams liam

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  7. i wrote my name in the search bar an this was the video on the top.i still try to figure out the deeper meaning of this 😀

  8. Patience Emmanuel

    Maðurinn minn hefur verið svo þrjóskur og neitar alltaf að hlusta á það sem ég segi alltaf. Þetta fær mig alltaf til að vera reiður og líða illa og vanræktur. þegar ég rakst á *babatrust_* á Instagram sem er stafsetningarmaður, sagði hann mér hvað ég ætti að gera og ég gerði það. Það var eins og töfra þegar maðurinn minn byrjar að hlusta á mig og elska mig meira en áður. Ég þakka babatrust_. Hafðu samband við hann ef þú hefur svipaðar aðstæður. hann er mjög góður og áreiðanlegur

  9. Watching this program is pure GOLD. People treated each other with kindness and respect.

    1. Jane Patterson

      Kindness and respect…I knew something was missing these days. Couldnt think what it was…thanks.

  10. James Peyton

    If you notice the car ads, you’ll see that 1957 began the trend when all the cars started to incorporate tail fins. This lasted about 4 years or so. You might also notice the white wall tires used much wider white stripes.

  11. Brian boklund Pedersen

    Hvorfor. uploader den ca: hvert 5-7 sek. (den runde der køre rundt,når den søger mm) det tar 10-16 sek hver gang, synd man mister interessen. Ellers ok.

    1. Jette baagø julkov

      det er kun lige i starten de viser de åndsvage reklamer var det ikke det du mente

  12. Evelyn Cagle

    The Groucho Marx show is so enjoyable. Groucho brought us such joy.

  13. zeekyblahIV

    26:33 Isnt that the same tune as Hooray for Captain Spaulding?

  14. dreamcatcherintherye

    interesting how much more mellow this show is compared to pretty much every television show today…kind of calming

  15. Based Horizons

    That little Japanese girl was so cute, shes gotta be around Id say 64-66 years old, and her mother may just still be alive in her late 80s. Ive noticed this for a long time and now it just came back in my head that a lot of women that are in their 20s dress very mature and look kinda older. People in the 50s always dressed to impress. Even when people went to wrestling matches, the men dressed in suits and the women usually dressed casual almost like dinner wear. Im 36 years old so its not Im reminiscing about that time cause I wasnt even alive but it actually wouldve been nice if the dress code/wear was still in style. Its not like you had to dress like that but it was nice and impressionable. Now we just go to the store or gas station in our sweat pants and often times pajamas.

    1. Mike Marley agreed! And the similar tones and inflections in their speech…

  16. Brian boklund Pedersen

    Hvorfor. uploader den ca: hvert 5-7 sek. (den runde der køre rundt,når den søger mm) det tar 10-16 sek hver gang, synd man mister interessen. Ellers ok.

  17. Guy Guyguy

    Interesting because you are watching GROUCHO MARX joke around.

    Although the effects of the quick cut sitcoms with 90 second scenes in between commercials with 3-10 cuts per second is probably a contributor to some psychological syndrome.

  18. Adverts were so different then.. It was less about visual effects and so descriptive

  19. Steven Edwards

    love the 56 Desoto Car Ad!! they dont make them like that anymore.

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